Christmas Proposal Tips

Winter Proposal Ideas

Christmas is one of the most intimate holiday’s of the year. There’s a crisp chill in the air, hot chocolate, cozy fireplaces, and twinkling lights. It’s no wonder it’s also the most popular time of the year to pop the question! You’re surrounded by romance and even better it’s usually a time of year when family comes together to celebrate!

If you’re thinking of proposing this season, here’s our top tips to planning a christmas marriage proposal:

Be Festive

The great part about Christmas is that there’s already so many beautiful decorations that it makes planning a proposal much easier. Incorporate a beautiful lit tree, twinkle lights, holiday music, and even winter staples like hot chocolate.

Use Seasonal Flowers

In the wintertime, there are many beautiful blooms to choose from, but be aware that some flowers like peonies aren’t in season. Also roses can be more expensive during the winter so use flowers at their peak like ranunculus and amaryllis. You can also use bouquets that are great for winter proposals with icy greenery and cool tones.

Avoid Crowded Areas

If you plan to propose in a public area be cautious of the crowds. Christmas can be a very busy time of year especially if you plan to propose at an ice-skating rink, public Christmas tree, or even a restaurant. Take the time to plan ahead to make sure your proposal is timed accordingly and to avoid overly crowded areas.

Back-Up Plan

Christmas is the number one time of the year to propose. It’s important you have a back-up proposal plan in case someone else proposes right before you. This is more likely to happen if you plan your proposal at a public-crowded place like a tree farm, but it’s important to plan ahead for any and all obstacles.

As you can see there’s a lot to think about when planning a Christmas proposal. Our team of expert marriage proposal planners can help make your dream proposal come to life! Contact us today for a customized proposal or check out our easy and affordable marriage proposal packages!


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