How to Plan a Beach Proposal in Winter

When you think of a beach proposal, you think of warm rays shining on your face, a glistening ocean, waves crashing, and running your toes through the sand right? During the fall and winter months a beach proposal may look a little different. For one, the sand is usually pretty cold and you may need to wear shoes, but a beautiful proposal can still be accomplished. In fact, there are benefits to having your beach proposal during the winter months; less crowded, crisp air, and golden hour sunsets are just a few things that come to mind. Here’s our top tips from our marriage proposal planners on how to plan a beach proposal in the winter:

Prepare for the weather

During the winter months near the ocean, it can be quite chilly. There’s a breeze from the ocean and as the sun goes down the air gets cool and crisp. Make sure to bring extra blankets and shawls to bundle up together as you relax in the sand. It’s a great way to spend time snuggling as you celebrate your proposal!

Bring warm snacks and drinks

Bring a thermos of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee to enjoy as you watch the sunset together and take in the amazing views.

Prepare for early sunset

In the winter months, the sun sets much earlier, so prepare your proposal time accordingly. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even bring lanterns and twinkle lights to stay after sunset. Another great idea is to make a beach fire after sunset. This is another great way to continue to enjoy the beach as it cools down.

As you can see, a beach proposal in the winter can still be romantic. If you’re ready to plan a beach proposal this season, contact Proposal Ideas today, and we’ll help bring your vision to life!


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