Proposing with Just a Diamond

This blog post might sound a little basic, I mean, proposing with a diamond? Do you really need to write about that? Hold on, let me explain.

Diamond for marriage proposal

I’ve seen numerous couples who cannot agree: The girl wants to be able to pick out her ring, but the guy wants it to be a surprise, or, vice versa. Rather than let this little argument dampen the big moment, we have an alternative solution: buy the diamond, hold off on the setting. Buying just a loose diamond to propose with will assure your bride that you put a little thought into the marriage proposal. It will be one of the most romantic compromises the two of you will ever make.

After you present the diamond to your fiance, whisk her away to the nearest jeweler to get the ring set, adding even more excitement to the day. The two of you, together, can choose the setting that will be on your love’s finger for the rest of your lives. It doesn’t get much better, or more romantic, than that!

Thanks to Daily Mail for the picture of the World’s most perfect diamond!

Got your diamond? Let us help with the next step: the proposal! Browse our website for the best marriage proposal packages around.  Check out to look for an equally impressive thin engagement ring box to discreetly hide your engagement ring.

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  • Jack Rodriguez

    Hello, My name is jack i came across forum by googling ideas for proposing to my future wife with a loose diamond. Im planning to propose on our 11th anniversary and super nervous of how to do so with a loose diamond. Any ideas on how i can go about that, please let me know ill truly appreciate it. Please and thank you

    • Michele

      Hi Jack, thank you for contacting us! Are you interested in ideas for your proposal or only on ideas for how to use the loose diamond?

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