Your Engagement Ring Guide

You wouldn’t be searching for proposal ideas if you weren’t planning on popping the question!  And you can’t pop the question without an engagement ring right?  But buying an engagement ring can be so stressful.  How much do you spend, does she want platinum or gold, what size ring does she wear?  Those are all questions you will ask yourself when you are on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring.  Another question you will ask yourself is what cut does she want for her diamond?  To try to make things easier for you, we have put together a guide on the different diamond cuts you will encounter.


A round cut diamond is the most popular cut and depicted in the photo above.  It is a great choice for the traditional and classic type.

Cushion Cut

This cut will be popular for many decades to come and it is a blend of trendy and traditional.  This cut features rounded corners and has larger facets to increase its brilliance.


This is the most popular non-round cut because of its unique cut and pointed corners.


This cut is is not very common which can be a good and bad thing.  If your partner wants something not everyone has it could be perfect.  But it is also something that your partner has to want.  Because of this shape, it highlights the clarity of a diamond.  Check out the Asscher cut for something similar.


The advantage to a marquise cut diamond is that it can maximize carat weight and give you a much larger-looking diamond. This could be the way to go if you are on a budget and want to get more bang for your buck.


An oval diamond is similar to a round diamond. Oval diamonds are very popular as their length can accentuate long, slender fingers.  This cut is a big trend right now so it is perfect for that trendsetting girlfriend of yours.


This brilliant-cut diamond is also called a teardrop for its single point and rounded end.  I see this with a lot of ladies who love vintage.


A radiant-cut diamond is a popular and versatile choice for jewelry.  A radiant-cut looks great with either a baguette or round side-diamond setting.

Ring Box

We recently partnered with the amazing slim engagement ring box creator Ring Stash so don’t forget to pair your awesome engagement ring with an equally awesome ring box.

If you are looking for the best way to propose marriage, you have come to the right place. Proposal-Ideas has the best proposal packages around and we have the most experience as we started creating packages in 2011!  Contact us today to get started.



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New York Proposal Idea

One of our most popular proposal packages in the Spring and Summer is our Central Park Picnic proposal.  Andrew ordered this package so that he could surprise Haydee as they walked through the park.  It was hard for him to find the time to plan everything with his busy schedule so he was relieved to find a company that could help with all of those details.

Haydee was totally surprised when what she thought would be an ordinary day turned in to a proposal picnic with a photographer!

Andrew got down on his knee and asked her to be his wife.  She happily said yes!!

Get started planning your perfect proposal idea today!  We have been exclusively planning proposals for over 8 years and we are New York based!  Don’t forget to check out the super trendy slim engagement ring box from to compliment your proposal.

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Tips for Swoon-worthy Proposal Photos

Your marriage proposal is something that will be remembered for the rest of your life! Here are a few tips that will make for a picture-perfect moment.

Planning the Moment

First, you will have to plan the proposal. Where, when and how will you propose? A good tip is to make sure your proposal will fit in with the personality of your significant-other. If they are more quiet and don’t like a fuss, then a flash mob proposal is probably not the way to go. An intimate picnic in the park or a candlelit dinner will speak volumes to them. On the other hand, if they love being the center of attention, then maybe a more grand gesture would be appreciated.

You can let them know that you have a photographer friend who wants to capture your romantic date. Maybe say that they are just wanting to get experience or you could say you just want a photo shoot with your beloved!

If you are planning a surprise proposal with a hidden photographer, then a public place will be easier for the photographer to capture “paparazzi” type photos of you popping the question. The photographer can pretend to be a passer-by and capture your moment perfectly and candidly!

The Ring

An important part of the plan is to choose the ring to propose with. As a symbol of your love and commitment, the style should match your partner and complement their personality. Everyone will ask to see the ring once they hear about your engagement!

Dress to Impress

To make for a memorable proposal, you and your significant other should both be dressed nicely and in a way that you will reflect the special occasion. If you go with the secret proposal and a hidden photographer, you should wear nice clothes that will reflect well in photos. This usually means bright and complementary colors.

Stay away from busy patterns, as these may appear muddled in pictures. A good way to ask your significant other to dress up without seeming suspicious is to say you will be taking them out to a nice dinner, concert or other formal occasion.

Catching the Golden Hour

For your proposal pictures, capturing your romantic moment in the best light possible is crucial. For this, photographers usually suggest shooting at “the Golden Hour”, which means right before sunset, when the light is richest and warmest. Luckily, sunset proposals are inherently romantic! If you are outside (picnic in the park) then make sure you time your proposal to occur right before sunset to take advantage of the Golden Hour light.

If you are indoors, then think of an excuse to get outside for your proposal. In fact, you could just tell them the truth and say “I want to go outside and share the beautiful sunset with you.” Who would argue with that?!

Pop the Question!

At this point, it’s time for your proposal! How you do this is up to you. However, keep in mind that getting down on one knee will make for compelling photos! The viewer of these photos will have no question in their mind as to what is happening.

Another tip is to draw out the moment just a little, in order for the photographer to capture the reaction of your significant-other. We want to see all the emotions of surprise, joy and then the celebration!

You’re Engaged!

And just like that, you are engaged If you are doing a hidden photographer proposal, you can introduce the photographer and get engagement photos featuring the shiny new diamond!


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Easter Proposal Ideas

I know what you are thinking, “Easter proposal ideas???”  But hey, I can think of a few reasons why proposing on Easter or Easter weekend can be a great time to propose.  Here are a few:

Family Will Be Together

Many clients like to include family in their proposal or have them there right after to celebrate.  Easter is a time when most families are together so it can be an easy way to propose and already have the family gathered for an after celebration idea.


This can go either way.  If your partner is religious, Easter could have a significant meaning to her and being proposed on such a special occasion could make things even more dearer to her heart.  If your partner is not religious, she may not be in church that day or may not be spending time with the family and therefore free all day for your proposal.

Creative Proposal Ideas

While you must be careful not to be cheesy, Easter can lend itself to coming up with some creative proposal ideas.  Think about how you can incorporate the ring into an egg, Easter basket, etc. but NOT being cheesy.

If you are looking for the perfect proposal idea, you have come to the right place. Proposal-Ideas has the best proposal packages around and we have the most experience as we started creating packages in 2011!  We also offer custom proposal planning.  Contact us today to get started.

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Top 8 Questions He Has Before Proposing

Are you planning an engagement and looking for proposal ideas that capture the spirit of your relationship and the love you feel for each other? We put together some of the most common questions we hear during the proposal planning process, so you can make sure your proposal is seamless, stress-free, and most importantly, romantic

1. Should I get down on one knee? Traditionally, men get down on one knee when they’re popping the question as a sign of respect and chivalry. Many women find this tradition romantic and charming, but that’s not the case for everyone! Think about how many traditions you and your partner follow–or if you tend to create your own.

2. Public or private? It’s exciting to think about a crowd gathering around you as you propose and cheering when she says “yes!” But make sure you consider your girlfriend’s personality before picking an engagement spot. If she’s outgoing and social, a public place like a city or restaurant might be the perfect place. If she’s quieter and keeps to herself, she may prefer a more intimate setting.

3. What should I say? It can be nerve-wracking to profess all of your emotions in a single moment. Take some time a few days before the proposal to think about your future and what you love about her, which should help you plan what you’re going to say. If you have a general idea of the messages you want to get across, the moment will be that much more special.

4. How do I know if her family likes me? Take some time to interact with them and express how serious you are about sharing a life with their daughter. When they see how genuine and sincere you are, they’re likely to support your engagement. Depending on how traditional her family is, you may want to consider showing additional respect by asking her father for his blessing.

5. Surprise or no surprise? In most cases, you’ve probably talked with your significant other about getting engaged. This is the best way to make sure you’re both on the same page. Don’t worry, though–after you’ve talked about it, there are still ways to surprise her! Work with friends and family to keep her from guessing, or make her think you’re going on an everyday date night before wowing her with a magical proposal!

6. Who should I tell? Similar to above, most families will respect your decision to propose if you talk with them beforehand. You might also have friends you can talk to who will offer moral support. But if you have friends or family members who don’t have a strong reputation for keeping secrets, you may want to keep them out of the loop until after the proposal. Trust your gut, and tell the people who matter most.

7. Will she say yes? If you’ve both expressed that you’re ready to get married to one another, all that’s left is planning a magical proposal that shines just as bright as your feelings for her! can help you find the perfect venue, music, photography and more to make your engagement unique and special. Contact us today!

8. Where should I put the ring? If you’re planning a surprise proposal, keeping the ring safe and out of sight is crucial. One of my favorite suggestions for keeping the mystery alive is a slim engagement ring from Ring Stash. She won’t know until you’re down on one knee that you have a diamond in your pocket!

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How To Get A Proposal

You’ve been together a long time, you know he is the one, but he still hasn’t proposed! What’s a gal to do?  Well there are some things you can do to get him to propose to you. Here are some tips on how to get your partner to propose:

Reassure Him

Believe it or not, guys are scared to propose!  They are afraid of rejection, scared you won’t like the proposal, and just overall scared of such a huge step.  The best thing you can do is to reassure his fears without making him admit he is scared.  Assure him that you see a future with him, give him confidence and tools on how to propose (see below), and be a supportive partner.

Drop Hints

As I mentioned above, you have to give him the confidence and tools he needs to give you a proposal that you will love.  If he is sure he is going to nail it, he is much more likely to do it.  Drop subtle hints like commenting on your friend’s proposal and mention what you like and didn’t like.  Start a Pinterest page called “dream proposal” and leave it up on the laptop when you leave the room.

Don’t Pressure

Dropping hints and reassuring him are great but if you aren’t careful it can turn into pressuring and hounding.  Be very cautious that your hints don’t turn to nagging as that will for sure not get you engaged.

Talk About The Future

Talk about your future in terms of “we.”  Make plans for the future.  Help him to see that a life with you is fun and permanent and he will soon see it too.

Another tip, mention that you saw a cool website like Proposal-Ideas so that he know there are plenty of resources out there for him.

We recently partnered with the amazing thin engagement ring box by so you can get your awesome ring in an awesome and unique ring box.

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Marriage Proposal Checklist

You found the perfect partner and you bought the perfect ring.  Now it is time to create the perfect proposal idea and plan.  Proposal-Ideas, the first proposal planning company to offer marriage proposal packages, has put together a marriage proposal checklist to help you get through this stressful time.

Before You Ask…..Ask

Asking her family’s permission may seem like an outdated tradition but it may be very important to your partner.  I recommend playing it safe and just asking your parter’s family for their blessing before you propose.


Now that you got the green light from the family, you can start planning the actual proposal!  First come up with the proposal idea.  Consider purchasing an all-inclusive proposal package or even hiring a Proposal Planner!  If you decide to plan it yourself, put together a blue-print and start chipping away at all of the details.


While budget is certainly part of the proposal planning process, it deserves its own bullet point.  People tend to blow their whole budget on the ring and don’t even think about how they will propose.  Make sure to keep a budget for the actual proposal itself as it is just as important as the ring.  Memories last longer than diamonds!

Be Secretive

Don’t leave a trail behind when planning your proposal.  Make sure to hide any receipts, emails, or any evidence of ring shopping or proposal planning.  Some of our client’s make a fake email address to keep it all under wraps.


Don’t lose focus of the fact that you have found your life partner.  Take a deep breath, roll with the punches, and enjoy your moment.

If you are looking for the best way to propose marriage, you have come to the right place. Proposal-Ideas has the best proposal packages around and we have the most experience as we started creating packages in 2011!  Contact us today to get started.

We recently partnered with the amazing slim engagement ring box creator Ring Stash so don’t forget to pair your awesome proposal with an equally awesome ring box.

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Springtime Proposal Ideas

Spring is here!!! While summer and surprisingly winter are the most popular times to propose, many people still do choose to propose in the springtime.  We offer many proposal packages that are perfect for the springtime, here are a few:

Outdoor Park Proposals

Since Spring can be a mixed bag when it comes to weather, you may be hesitant to propose in an outdoor park.  But choose a park that has a covered area like a gazebo or terrace and you will have a super simple back up plan in case it rains!

Indoor Proposals

Proposal-Ideas offers several indoor proposals in multiple cities such as this Chicago restaurant proposal and our San Francisco city view proposal. 

Flower Proposals

Speaking of San Francisco, why not propose using our Flower Conservatory proposal package?  Spring is the perfect time for this proposal because the flowers will all be in bloom!

Limo Proposals

A limo is always associated with elegance and will keep you warm and dry no matter what the outside weather is. Consider getting our limo proposal package in any city and all you have to do is hop out once (if you want) with your umbrella to propose at a beautiful location of your choice.

Do Something Custom

We also offer custom proposal planning if you want us to create something just for you.  Contact us for more information.

If you are looking for the perfect springtime proposal idea, you have come to the right place. Proposal-Ideas has the best proposal packages around and we have the most experience as we started creating packages in 2011!  Contact us today to get started.

We recently partnered with the amazing slim engagement ring box creator Ring Stash so don’t forget to pair your awesome proposal with an equally awesome ring box.


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New York Rooftop Proposals

We started Proposal-Ideas in 2010 and we were the very first proposal planning company to start offering proposal packages. So I will have to toot our own horn and say we kind of are the authority on how to plan the perfect New York rooftop proposal.  We have put together some tips on how to pull off the perfect rooftop proposal in New York City.

Choose The Rooftop

There are a lot of rooftops to choose from in Manhattan but what kind of rooftop are you looking for?  Are you looking for views of iconic buildings?  Maybe you just want a newer, well maintained building and the iconic buildings aren’t as important.  Perhaps you are on a budget and all you really care about is the privacy that you will get on the rooftop.  Whatever your needs are, just think it through when choosing the space.

Consider A Package

If you want to go directly to a rooftop to book your proposal you certainly can. But then you have to get involved with reviewing contracts, venue scouting, obtaining insurance in some cases, planning all the details, etc.  Why not choose a pre-packaged rooftop proposal idea like the one we offer?  We handle all the complicated details for you and you just show up!

Think About Weather

One of the risks associated with booking a rooftop for your proposal is that the weather could not cooperate.  Think about what kind of risk you are comfortable taking.  Some people are totally fine with the risk and if it rains, they just bring an umbrella.  Some people feel devastated if it rains on their proposal day and they have a rooftop reserved.  What type of risk are you comfortable with?

Pick A Time

Many clients ask us what is the “best” time to propose on a rooftop?  The reality is, there is no best time there is only the time that suits your preferences.  For example, a day time proposal can be really beautiful and you can see more of the city.  A night time proposal is also awesome because you can see the city lights.  The Golden Hour (an hour before sunset) is a favorite because it looks great in photos.

If you want to get started planning your stress-free rooftop proposal, contact Proposal-Ideas today.  Also, don’t spend a lot of time planning a surprise rooftop proposal and then having her see the big engagement ring box in your pants on the elevator ride up.  Choose a flat engagement ring box from to keep your proposal a surprise.

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Los Angeles Helicopter & Picnic Proposal Package

Our Los Angeles helicopter & picnic proposal package is one of the best sellers in Los Angeles.  With beautiful views of the ocean and rolling hills, what better backdrop could you want for your Los Angeles marriage proposal?

Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider proposing with this helicopter package:

1. You Get Out

One of the biggest drawbacks to proposing inside of a helicopter is that you can’t get down on one knee and you have to propose over a headset.  But with our package, the helicopter actually lands on a cliff where you can propose in the traditional way!

2. Adventurous

If your partner is adventurous, she is probably craving a thrilling proposal and this package would certainly deliver.

3. Romantic

Even the biggest thrill seeker wants romance on the day they get engaged.  The helicopter ride itself provides the thrill, the cliff landing with the gorgeous Pacific Ocean as the backdrop provides the romance.

If you are looking for an epic Los Angeles proposal idea, you have come to the right place. Proposal-Ideas has the best proposal packages around and we have the most experience as we started creating packages in 2011!  Contact us today to get started.

We recently partnered with the amazing flat engagement ring box creator Ring Stash so don’t forget to pair your awesome proposal with an equally awesome ring box.

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