New York City Rooftop Proposal


Despite the freezing temperatures, our New York City Rooftop Proposal package continues to make our Proposal Ideas clients’ dreams come true. Kelsey and Matt took their relationship to the next level overlooking all of Manhattan. As seen in this shot captured by Paparazzi Proposals, Kelsey was completely shocked when Matt got down on one knee. After her shock subsided, Kelsey answered Matt with a “yes” and the couple toasted their engagement with the lights of New York City cheering them on!

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Is It Time to Pop the Question?

Posted by on February 17th, 2015

Sometimes guys need a little help in deciding important life decisions. So, we are breaking it down in the simplest way we know how: with a colorful, illustrated picture chart.
pop the question infographic


Thanks to Allstate fro this handy illustration

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NYC Rooftop ProposalKatey was super excited to have a romantic evening with her boyfriend, Taylor. She was impressed by the lengths he went through to secure a private New York City rooftop. However, she was even more excited to learn that this rooftop, with its stunning views, would be the place of her engagement. Thanks to Paparazzi Proposals, we are able to share in their special moment.

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Should You Propose on Valentine’s Day?

Posted by on February 10th, 2015


It’s that time of year: heart shaped chocolate boxes and stuffed animals line the shelves of every convenient store. Valentine’s day is approaching, the most romantic day of the year. It is easy to get wrapped up in the romance of the whole affair. But rather than pop the question on February 14th along with the masses, thy this alternative to help keep the proposal a surprise:

Propose either the day before or after Valentine’s Day. If you are at that point in your relationship, odds are that your other half knows that the proposal is imminent. They are probably expecting you to pop the question at every major holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. So, by proposing the day before, you are guaranteed to surprise her.

Proposing after Valentine’s Day is also a viable option, however be prepared for an air of disappointment during you V-day dinner when she realizes that tonight is not the night. But, the surprise will be that much sweeter on February 15th.

However, if you plan on popping the question, it doesn’t matter when you do it. If you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, that is a cause for celebration, despite what day it is!

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We have featured several of our Miami and New York City Rooftop Proposals, so it’s about time we shine the light onto our Dallas Rooftop Proposal Package. This couple enjoyed an hour on their very own private rooftop with 360 degrees view of the Dallas skyline. When the moment was right, Aristeo popped the question. Upon accepting his proposal, the couple celebrated the “yes” by popping a bottle of bubbly and taking in the sights of downtown Dallas.

Thanks to David B. Galinet for snapping these photos

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This blog post might sound a little basic, I mean, proposing with a diamond? Do you really need to write about that? Hold on, let me explain.


I’ve seen numerous couples who cannot agree: The girl wants to be able to pick out her ring, but the guy wants it to be a surprise, or, vice versa. Rather than let this little argument dampen the big moment, we have an alternative solution: buy the diamond, hold off on the setting. Buying just a loose diamond to propose with will assure your bride that you put a little thought into the proposal. It will be one of the most romantic compromises the two of you will ever make.

After you present the diamond to your fiance, whisk her away to the nearest jeweler to get the ring set, adding even more excitement to the day. The two of you, together, can choose the setting that will be on your love’s finger for the rest of your lives. It doesn’t get much better, or more romantic, than that!

Thanks to Daily Mail for the picture of the World’s most perfect diamond!

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Brent and Leighann were visiting New York City from North Carolina. Brent knew from the very start that this would be a perfect proposal spot for the two of them, but since he is not familiar with the city, he needed a little help. And that’s where we came in.

new-york-city-rooftopWe pulled out all of the stops for this North Carolina couple. Brent had a musician, candles, champagne, roses, and even a photographer to document the whole affair. Leighann thought the surprise was the rooftop itself with the gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline, so imagine her surprise when Brent dropped down on one knee to ask the most important question of their lives. As you can see, Leighann eagerly accepted his proposal. We wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!


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Alright, we have published numerous posts about engagement rings, however, this post puts a unique spin on the topic. Should men wear engagement rings? According to a recent study by the Huffington Post, 17% of men are not opposed to the idea of incorporating this piece of jewelry into their everyday lives.



Obviously the answer is different for every couple. Some ladies might want their man to wear a ring signifying their impending betrothal to let all the other women out there know that he is off the market. However, some men opt out of wearing a ring even after the nuptials have taken place, ahem, Prince William (but unless you’re living under a rock, you pretty much know that he’s spoken for).

However, if you decide that getting your man an engagement ring is your style, be prepared to reassure family members that the actual wedding did NOT happen already.

Think this new trend will take off? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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Marriage proposals have been around for centuries, as have the traditions associated with them.  While we have a sinking suspicion that the act of proposing marriage will be around for a little while longer, the same cannot be said about the related traditions.

1. Getting down on bended knee- When it comes to relationships, there is not a more romantic notion than that of  dropping to one knee. While this origin of this gesture is unclear, 76% of men think it is a necessary part of any engagement, while only 49% of women thought of it as a requirement.

2. Having the man propose- This tradition seems to be staying put, at least for the time being. In a recent study, only 2.8% of women said that they could see themselves being the one to pop the question, which, believe it or not, is 2.8% higher than the number of males who feel the same way.

3. Asking her father’s permission- While this practice used to be a vital precursor to any engagement, this chivalrous act does not carry the weight it once did. Although 73% of m of grooms asked for their bride-to-be’s hand in marriage, 68% of women said that it was not necessary. Whether it be to increased intimidation or the chauvinistic connotation assigned to it, seeking her father’s blessing before getting a “yes,” is apparently not as important as men think.

4. Having a Ring- Ok, guys, don’t tell your girl that we told you to do this, but studies show that only 33% of women count an engagement ring as a requirement. Many consider proposing without a ring a better alternative than proposing with the wrong ring.

5. Keeping it a surprise- The importance of this tradition is up in the air. At 47%, roughly half of women think that a marriage proposal should have the “surprise” factor. Maybe not having a ring will be enough of a surprise in itself?

Well, there you have it! Every individual is different. Asking her father’s permission might be important to some bride and not others. Each situation and tradition are as unique as the relationships in which they play a role. Are these traditions outdated? You be the judge.

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Engagement rings are more than just a piece of jewelry. They are a physicality of a memory, a promise, a relationship. So, swapping out this piece of jewelry for a seemingly nicer version can sometimes be accompanied with mixed emotions. Here are some tips on implementing the upgrade:

1. Give the new ring as a gift for a milestone anniversary. Whether you be celebrating your tenth or twenty-fifth anniversary, the ring will feel like an addition of the old ring. This way, you won’t feel like you are closing off all of your previous memories, but rather, that this ring is ushering in a new era of making more memories.

2. Pick out the ring together. Let your wife be involved in this ring-shopping this time around, even make a day of it. The two of you can go to lunch and then hit the jewelry stores for a day of trying-on that will get you both feeling nostalgic and like young lovers, again. Every time she gazes upon her ring, she will remember that day and the trip down memory lane that the whole experience caused, thus, uniting the memories of the past ring with the present, upgraded ring.

3. Have a vow renewal. Celebrate your marriage by re-avowing your commitment and love to one another. The upgraded ring could even be a surprise for your wife, making the whole day, and the new piece of jewelry, that much more special.

Picture found on Buzzfeed

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