6 Best Beaches for Romantic Summer Proposals


Beach proposal ideas

If you’re smitten with love this summer and looking for beautiful beaches that can serve as romantic backdrops, check out some of the best beaches in the United States for memorable proposals.

Proposal-Ideas.com has planned personalized proposals in cities throughout the country, and we can help you take your beach proposal idea and bring it to life. Get started today!

1. Carmel Beach, California

About 2 hours outside of San Francisco, Carmel Beach is a breathtaking place to propose especially if you want to take in stunning views of the California shoreline. Known for its romantic sunsets and white sand, you can stay the whole day or plan a San Francisco proposal and then escape to Carmel Beach to relax and celebrate together.

2. Jacob Riis Beach, Queens

If you’re planning a New York City proposal with Proposal-Ideas.com, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the beach even though you’re in a bustling city. Jacob Riis Beach is nicknamed the “people’s beach,” which means you’ll see everything from groups in their 20s playing games on the beach to families with children splashing in the waves. With its laidback vibe, you’ll feel like you’re out of the city even though you’re still in Queens! For the fun-loving girl who loves the ocean, this is a great New York proposal idea.

3. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard proposals are some of the most magical moments we’ve ever seen! With everything from quaint, historic churches to lighthouses and long stretches of sandy beaches, it’s a captivating combination of relaxation and chic elegance. You can write a romantic message in the sand and propose as she walks down a path of rose petals and seashells, or take a stroll through some of the historic places and get down on one knee in front of a lighthouse!

4. Big Sur, California

There’s nothing more iconic than the 90-mile stretch of Highway One running from Carmel to San Simeon. This famous road in America overlooks Big Sur, California and has a rugged coastline and rocky cliffs that make for breathtaking photography. If you imagine taking a ride in a vintage car and stopping at some of the lookout points to pop the question, this is an exciting way to propose without ever touching the sand.

5. Kauai

This island in the South Pacific is colorful and tropical with a relaxing, laidback atmosphere. Summer is the best time for swimming, but no matter when you visit throughout the year, there are breathtaking hiking opportunities such as the treks to Hanakapi’ai Beach or Lumahai Beach. If the two of you love the outdoors and staying active, Kauai is an exciting place to propose as you relax on the beach.

6. Padre Island, Texas

If you’re looking for a beach with some solitutate for an intimate proposal under the stars, try Padre Island in Texas! Padre Island is known for being less touristy than South Padre Island due to its reputation for being the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world. Proposal-Ideas.com can help you create a romantic set-up with flannel blankets, chilled champagne, and lush flowers.

To get started, share your vision with us and we’ll help you find the perfect location to bring your proposal to life.

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Sweet Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Marriage Proposal


How to include your kids in your proposalMother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for romantic proposal ideas for the woman who’s used to focusing her attention on everyone but herself, consider how you can incorporate your kids into the proposal while still making her feel special.

Take a look at some of our favorite ideas!

Adorable Details

If you have young children, you can make them feel connected to your proposal by asking them to help with certain details. For instance, if you’re planning a surprise proposal, you can ask your teenager to help walk her to the place where you’re waiting for her. Proposal-Ideas.com will create a beautiful set-up filled with flowers, candles, and photos of the two of you.

With younger children, you could ask them to hold adorable “will you marry me?” signs or have them help you start the day off with breakfast in bed. Then, the two of you can leave for the day and you can find the perfect, intimate moment to get down on one knee.

If your partner is pregnant, you can get extra creative and give her a thoughtful gift or note from your future child followed by the ring.

If you have a close relationship with her daughter, you could also consider surprising her with a sweet, age-appropriate proposal where you promise to always support and protect her. This is a sweet way to show your future wife how committed you are to the entire family.

Family Celebration

If you like the idea of incorporating your kids into the proposal, but want it to be just the two of you when you’re down on one knee, why not plan a family celebration after she says “yes?” Proposal-Ideas.com can help you plan a festive champagne toast, with sparkling grape juice for the kids, and a professional photographer who will capture the exciting emotions your entire family is feeling!

For an even bigger celebration, you could throw an engagement party and invite your entire group of friends and family to join in the festivities.

Your Fur Babies

Don’t have kids, but have a dog or puppy that means a lot to both of you? There are plenty of adorable ways to include your fur babies as you plan your marriage proposal. Consider putting a clever bandana on your dog with a sweet message such as “Will you marry my dad?”

Including dogs in your proposal

If your dog is extremely obedient and easily trainable, you could also consider tying the ring box around his collar and have him be a central part of your proposal. She won’t be able to resist!

As you plan a marriage proposal with or without your kids, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you find a beautiful venue and incorporate romantic details that will make her swoon. Contact us today!

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Embracing Pop Culture Interests: A Game of Marriage Proposals

Are you out of ideas on where and how to propose? Well, good news for pop culture fans, a Game of Thrones-themed proposal is totally in vogue nowadays thanks to the popularity of the show. Consider taking your date to the real-life locations of the series where you can finally pop the question.

Take a look at these four amazing Game of Thrones filming sites which can definitely make your marriage proposal epic and memorable.

Binevenagh, Northern Ireland


image: Belfast Telegraph

One location that stands out from the rest of the location sites in Northern Ireland is the nature reserves of Binevenagh in County Londonderry. You might remember it as the picturesque Dothraki grasslands in season five where the runaway Drogon rescues the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen.

Proposal Ideas previously suggested going on a short hike as a romantic idea for a proposal, and trekking the coniferous forest of Binevenagh will take you to sweeping views of the plateau and even the west coast of neighboring Scotland.

Essaouira, Morocco

The seaside city of Essaouira is teeming with interesting tidbits about Morocco. It was a known site for the anchoring of pirate ships and the harbor was used to trade sugar and molasses. The fortresses, that are unmistakable as home of the Unsullied, still stand strong and dignified. It has a more laid-back vibe than the bustling town of Marrakesh which means that you and your partner can finally enjoy the relaxing vacation you deserve. Whether you’re a GoT fan or not, this unique location will make for a colorful and unforgettable wedding proposal.

Fortress of Klis, Croatia


image: Wikipedia

Another impressive structure is the Fortress of Klis in Croatia where the show filmed the scenes of Meereen. If you favor a little bit of history as well, this medieval fortress was home to many Croatian kings back in the day and has been pivotal in the defense strategy of Dalmatia. You can walk up to the top of this formidable structure, and profess your undying love with an overlooking view of the village.

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland


image: Guide to Iceland

One of the most picturesque filming locations of Game of Thrones can be found in Thingvellir National Park. This Icelandic beauty is well-preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of its features is the canyon where they shot the entrance to the Bloody Gate, but it’s more notable for the natural amphitheater and tectonic rifts along the valley. When winter comes, just imagine proposing under the famed Northern Lights – the experience will be magical.

Since its HBO adaptation in 2011, the impact of Game of Thrones is powerful and ubiquitous. One guy who was dubbed by Cosmopolitan as ‘Boyfriend of the Year’ even had full costumes for him and his now-fiancé in his GoT-inspired proposal to his girlfriend. That’s another idea for you to consider.

Outside of wedding-related topics, its influence is even more potent as other media constantly draws inspiration from the show. The genre of medieval fantasy is being revived in other books, movies, and TV shows. The gaming industry is also finding ways to tap into the growing following of the show with the production of titles resembling the suspenseful drama. Foxy Bingo’s array of epic fantasy games, which includes Dragon Kingdom, 300 Shields, and Fortunes of Sparta, have similar elements of adventure and warfare. Such fantastical themes are what hook people into shows like Game of Thrones in the first place, and it doesn’t hurt that the landscapes are also equally enchanting as the storylines.

George R.R. Martin knows how to write a story like no other. So if you want a proposal with a wow factor, take a page out of his book and write a story of your own by proposing at any of these amazing locations.

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Romantic Proposal Ideas for Wine-Lovers

Wine proposal ideas

Just like you might prefer an earthy cabernet sauvignon over a juicy zinfandel, your marriage proposal should match your taste and personality. Whether she likes being the center of attention or prefers more intimate settings, Proposal-Ideas.com has experience planning romantic proposals for a wide variety of personalities.

If you love wine and want to incorporate it into your proposal, check out some of our favorite wine-inspired proposal ideas.

Outdoor Wine Festival

As the weather gets warmer and summer festivities start happening, keep an eye out for local wine festivals. If the two of you enjoy sampling new wines together, or want to expand your palate, wine fests are a fun way to spend quality time together while trying something new.

If you’re planning a wine-themed proposal, this can be the perfect place to pop the question especially if she wants to celebrate your engagement with friends afterward.  

Private Wine Tasting

Interested in a private wine tasting proposal? Proposal-Ideas.com can help you plan an intimate proposal in the privacy of a romantic wine cellar. You’ll have a personal sommelier who will guide you through an interactive tasting–you’ll get to try different vintages of red and white wines and discover your likes and dislikes together!

After pouring the last tasting, your sommelier will leave the wine cellar so you have a cozy space to pop the question and express your emotions. If she loves wine and would enjoy an intimate proposal in a private setting, you can’t get more romantic than a magical day of wine tasting.

Proposal ideas for wine lovers

Romantic Dinner for Two

If you want to “wow” her with a sophisticated proposal and plenty of romance, there’s nothing like a gourmet dinner for two and a fine dining experience. Proposal-Ideas.com has relationships with five-star restaurants in cities across the nation. We can help you find the most magical setting to pop the question and incorporate creative touches throughout the meal–including lush roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a bubbly bottle of champagne.

If you’re wine aficionados and want to remember the wine you were drinking when she said “yes!” make sure to keep the cork and create some sort of artwork to help you savor the memory for years to come.

Wine is a romantic way to celebrate your love and ask the question of a lifetime: will you marry me? Whether you want to plan a wine tasting excursion or propose at sunset on a wine tasting boat cruise, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you manage the details so you can plan the proposal of a lifetime! Contact us today.

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4 Proposal Ideas for People Who Love Hiking

Hiking proposal ideas

If you love the outdoors and can’t imagine yourself proposing inside, there are plenty of romantic ways to pop the question during a hike or mountain getaway. Whether you find a stunning scenic overlook and pop the question when the two of you reach the top, or you’re going for something a little more adventurous such as a fun-filled scavenger hunt, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you find the most intimate location to propose.

Take a look at some of our romantic proposal ideas for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts!

Scenic Overlook

Hiking is a peaceful way to enjoy nature and each other’s company. There’s nothing more breathtaking and rewarding than hiking up a steep incline only to reach a gorgeous overlook in one of your favorite state parks. Whether it’s the ocean rippling below you or the lush green countryside, a scenic overlook is the perfect spot to pop the question.

Feeling like you’re on top of the world is not only a beautiful metaphor for your engagement, but it will lead to some magical photography that will help you re-live your proposal for years to come.

Sweet Messages

Want to propose in nature but plan something a bit more romantic and surprising? Proposal-Ideas.com can help you find a venue and plan a public park proposal in the location of your choice, and we’ll help decorate a specific area with colorful flowers and personalized messages and photos. As you guide her down a trail or walking path, her eyes will light up when she sees the romantic set-up–this is your moment to pop the question and begin your lives together!

Adventurous Scavenger Hunt

For the risk-takers and thrill-seekers, an adventurous scavenger hunt can be an exciting, out-of-the-box way to propose. You may have to work with her friends and families to help coordinate the details, but if she loves surprises, it will be worth your time and energy.

Consider finding a serene hike and include different notes/clues in romantic bundles of flowers every couple yards. With each clue, she’ll get closer and closer until she makes her way to the spot where you’re waiting on one knee to profess your love!

Mountain Getaway

If she likes to ski or simply relax in a cozy mountainside retreat, why not plan a romantic getaway to a ski resort or summertime cabin? No matter what time of year you choose, the two of you can pamper yourselves in luxurious hot tubs and pools while making time for some outdoor adventure as you hit the slopes or take a hike together. When the moment feels right, your proposal will be just as magical as your mountain getaway.

To get started planning your outdoor marriage proposal, contact Proposal-Ideas.com today!

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Rainy Proposal: How to Make It Work for You

Rainy proposal ideas

If you’re excited for spring and are dreaming about a proposal that’s full of cool breezes, bright sunshine, and colorful flowers, don’t let a rainy forecast scare you away from getting down on one knee. When you plan your proposal with Proposal-Ideas.com, we have packages that are ideal for every season.

If you’re looking for spring proposal ideas but are worried about the rain, see how the rain can actually amp up the romance in your proposal!

Gorgeous Photography

While rain can be sometimes be a damper, don’t let it ruin the magic of your proposal. A rain shower can lead to some of the most beautiful moments for photographers, including adorable umbrella shots, creative reflection options thanks to ponds and puddles, and if you’re lucky, a striking rainbow or beautiful lighting as soon as the clouds break.

When you plan your proposal, we’ll work with expert photographers who will discreetly take photos as you pop the question. Even if it rains, they’ll be there to capture the beauty–and you might realize the rain makes your photos even more breathtaking!

Cozy Location

If it’s raining outside, there’s nothing more cozy and romantic than finding an intimate location to pop the question and beat the storm. Proposal-Ideas.com has planned personalized proposals in gorgeous wineries, luxurious rooftops, and five-star restaurants with live musicians and sparkling champagne. If you describe your vision and personality, we’ll help you find a secluded space that’s perfect for your dream proposal.

Proposing in the rain

Springtime Beauty

Are you giddy just thinking about flowers and plants blooming during the springtime? A colorful springtime proposal is feminine and chic, especially for the couple who loves the outdoors and appreciates nature. If you have an outdoor proposal planned but it starts to rain, you can still enjoy the colorful blooms!

As we watch the forecast, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you find romantic spots such as an outdoor gazebo, a garden-inspired deck, or a charming, antique barn that will shelter you from the rain while still giving you the space to appreciate the vibrancy around you.

Surprise Proposal

If you want to plan a proposal that truly surprises her, the spontaneity of a springtime rain shower can be an exciting addition to your plan. When she sees the raindrops, the last thing she’ll expect is for you to get down on one knee. If you work with Proposal-Ideas.com to select the right venue and a skilled photographer, the rain can make your proposal even more magical.

Are you ready to start planning a dreamy marriage proposal this spring? No matter what the weather is like, contact Proposal-Ideas.com to get started.

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5 Breathtaking State Parks for Your Proposal

Spring is officially on the way! Flowers are blooming, the days feel longer, and sweet, warm breezes are beginning to touch your face. If you love the outdoors, there’s nothing more romantic than proposing with nature surrounding you.

If you’re looking for outdoor proposal ideas, take a look at some of the nation’s most stunning state parks!

Yosemite National Park

If you want to propose in Northern California, Yosemite National Park is a piece of history you have to see. The park has been open for more than 125 years, and you can take your time wandering through beautiful trails with scenic views of waterfalls, cliffs, and pine  trees. The park is known for El Capitan Meadow, which has stunning, close-up views of the most scenic mountain. This could be a beautiful spot for you to get down on one knee!

San Francisco is also relatively close to Yosemite National Park. If you want to take a hike during the day and plan a romantic San Francisco proposal for the evening, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you coordinate the details!

Niagara Falls State Park

While Niagara Falls is obviously a top tourist attraction, you can’t go wrong with the rushing turquoise waterfalls flowing with 750,000 gallons of water every second! Whether you want to plan an exciting boat ride that will take you close to the falls, or find a more intimate hiking spot with stunning views, Niagara Falls is a gorgeous park for a once-in-a-lifetime proposal.

Grand Canyon National Park

Want to enjoy the heat of Arizona and take in one of the nation’s most breathtaking natural wonders? The Grand Canyon National Park has one of the deepest gorges on earth with the Colorado River flowing along its base. There are endless proposal ideas in this park, whether you want to plan a thrill-seeking helicopter ride, a romantic horseback ride, or an action-packed whitewater rafting excursion.

Ecola State Park

Located in Astoria, Oregon, Ecola State Park is home to Cannon Beach and is full of secluded coves, an invigorating forest, and gorgeous bluffs that are the perfect vantage point for the park’s beautiful beaches. With nine intoxicating miles of coastline, this park gives you laidback beach towns and mysterious forests all in one. Once you find a spot that feels right, you’ll take her breath away when you pop the question!

Boston Harbor Islands State Park

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of urban charm and nature-filled bliss, Boston Harbor Islands State Park includes 34 islands and peninsulas that are spread across miles of bays and harbors. If you love history, you’ll enjoy America’s oldest lighthouse, a charming ferry, and a Civil War-style fort.

And if you want to pop the question later in the evening, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you plan a Boston proposal in one of the city’s most romantic venues that aren’t far from the park!

Love nature and want to propose in a majestic state park? Contact Proposal-Ideas.com and see how we can bring your vision to life! As you’re hiking through the woods, don’t forget to keep your ring safe and hidden with these slim engagement ring boxes.

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Washington D.C. Proposal Ideas

Washington DC proposal ideas

As our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is home to iconic monuments, museums, and and elegant architecture that showcases American history. If you’re looking for a classy city to plan a memorable proposal surrounded by history, there are plenty of parks, landmarks, and sections of the city that can add to the romance of the moment.

Take a look at some of our favorite Washington D.C. proposal ideas!

Jefferson Memorial

Are you a history buff looking for a romantic proposal spot? Washington D.C. is full of memorials and monuments such as the Jefferson Memorial that set the stage for a romantic proposal. Especially in early spring, the Jefferson Memorial is breathtaking as the surrounding cherry trees begin to bloom. Plan a visit during the city’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival and get down on one knee with stunning flowers and unforgettable memorials as your backdrop!  

National Portrait Gallery

If you want to propose inside during the cooler months, try popping the question at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. This is a beautiful venue filled with vibrant exhibits that tell the stories of various leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and public figures that make up our culture.

With our Washington D.C. limousine proposal package, you can explore the National Portrait Gallery and other iconic sights as your driver guides you throughout the city. Once she says “yes!” to your proposal, we’ll make sure a bouquet of flowers and bottle of champagne are waiting for you in the limo to celebrate!

Washington DC cherry blossoms

Union Market

If you love homegrown food and enjoy spending your days wandering through bustling farmer’s markets, D.C.’s Union Market makes for a casual proposal spot. Sample handmade pastries, fresh herbs, and artisan cheese before walking onto the surrounding streets and proposing in the heart of our nation’s capital. If she loves exploring and interacting with locals, plan a proposal that appeals to all of her senses!

Gardens and Parks

Want to propose in a more idyllic setting? D.C. is home to multiple gardens and parks that are dreamy, intimate proposal spots! Go off the beaten path and check out the National Arboretum–it’s filled with 444 acres of colorful gardens and flowers. With our outdoor park proposal package, we’ll place a cozy blanket and her favorite flowers in a secluded section of the park so you have the perfect set-up for a swoon-worthy proposal.

Outside the City

If you want to escape the bustle of the city, but still want a sophisticated place to pop the question, try visiting the Georgetown or the Arlington area. With chic places for brunch, coffee, and cupcakes and a peaceful elegance buzzing in the air, you can stroll through the sunny streets and get down on one knee when the moment feels right. Only a short distance from D.C., you can go into the city to celebrate afterwards!

Are you ready to plan a memorable D.C. proposal? Proposal-Ideas.com can help you find an enchanting venue and proposal idea that matches your unique love story. Contact us today!

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Seattle Proposal Ideas

Seattle proposal ideas

Seattle is a coastal city full of enchanting views, rippling water, and a natural allure that’s impossible to ignore. Do you want to plan your dream marriage proposal in this breathtaking city? Check out our favorite Seattle proposal ideas!

Elegant Limousine Proposal

If you want to propose in the heart of Seattle, our elegant limousine proposal package gives you plenty of creativity and flexibility so your proposal is truly special. A black stretch limousine will pick you up at the location of your choice and drive you to the destination where you’ll pop the question. After she says “yes!” and you return to the limo, you’ll celebrate with a bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne.

Not sure where you want to propose in Seattle? Check out Pioneer Square–it’s known for its Renaissance Revival architecture, beautiful buildings, and the city’s oldest restaurant. It’s historic and modern at the same time with plenty of flare to make your proposal memorable and magical!

Tranquil Outdoor Park Proposal

If you love nature and want to propose with a view, Seattle is one of the best cities for an outdoor marriage proposal. Kerry Park is known for its panoramic views of the city, making it a breathtaking place to pop the question.

If you want to enjoy the water, Discovery Park is located on the shores of Puget Sound. It’s a stunning, peaceful area that includes a lighthouse, a walking trail, and beaches. We’ll help you find a professional photographer who will capture the beauty of your proposal and your surroundings!  Lake Union Park is also along the water, so you’ll be able to look at your reflections and think ahead to your life together.

Bloedel Reserve is another beautiful option, and it includes some magical spots like a colorful Japanese garden that can add some romance to your proposal. No matter what park you choose, Proposal-Ideas.com will create an intimate setting for you–including a cozy blanket sprinkled with rose petals and a professional photographer who will take photos from a discreet distance.

Build-Your-Own Proposal

If you want to personalize your proposal even more, Proposal-Ideas.com offers build-your-own proposal packages. Whether you want to find a dazzling five-star restaurant or rooftop bar, or an intimate coffee shop and live musician, we can help bring your vision to life. Your love story is unique, and your proposal should be unique, too! Get started planning your dream proposal today.

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Choosing Your Engagement Ring

You’re not marrying Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, and there’s no extensive media coverage or discussion on what kind of ring is going to sparkle on your future spouse’s finger. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have your own kind of royal engagement. Any engagement deserves to be special whatever your circumstances may be.

Wedding bloggers and jewelers have so many things and warnings to tell you about getting the perfect engagement ring. Sifting through the numerous blogs and articles takes a long time, but you can cut the time spent on research if you know where to look.

If you want comprehensive information on the basics of getting engagement rings, read this infographic. As you go on to look at the infographic, you will realize that you have many things to consider.

For one, you have to think about what your significant other wants for an engagement ring. Do they want diamonds or other kinds of stones? What kind of cut looks best on your SO? Those are some questions you want answered. You also have to think about the quality of the stone for the ring, as well as how to keep the ring in good condition at all times.

If you plan to surprise your beloved with your proposal, then you have to be as nimble and as smooth as a ninja. Getting the ring size without sounding all the alerts is a special skill, and the infographic can help you with that.

Perhaps you’re the adventurous type and you prefer designing your own ring. Well, check the infographic anyway so you get some ideas on what you can create. Who knows, your creation may get the wedding bells ringing.

Don’t be part of those embarrassing anecdotes to be told years from now, unless you don’t mind having fun at your expense. Your engagement is one part of a major life decision you’re making: committing to someone for life. A special reminder of that promise is only right, after all. Don’t forget, though, that actually making good on that commitment is the bigger picture here.

engagement ring buying

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