Dallas Proposal Ideas

If you live in Dallas, or want to visit a city full of southern charm, there are dozens of creative ways to plan a romantic marriage proposal. From exhilarating helicopter rides to an intimate carriage ride through Pioneer Park, Dallas is a bustling city that’s modern and cutting-edge–but not afraid to go back to its roots.

Celebrate your appreciation for vintage and modern romance by planning your dream proposal in Dallas. Proposal-Ideas.com understands the intracacies of the city, and we know how to create magical moments you’ll talk about forever. Check out some of our favorite Dallas proposal ideas!

Carriage Ride

Are you looking to slow things down with an elegant proposal at some of Dallas’s most well-known spots? A carriage ride is one of the most relaxing ways to propose, and you’ll get to see West End, Kennedy Memorial, Union Station, and Pioneer Park.

We’ll coordinate a romantic spot to pop the question with your carriage driver, and you can get down on one knee in front of some of the breathtaking sculptures in Pioneer Park or the serene trees and flowers.

Gondola Ride

There’s nothing more romantic than a message in a bottle–and a private gondola ride through some of Dallas’s most relaxing waters will make you feel like you’re traveling abroad without leaving your favorite city.

We’ll help you amp up the romance with delicious chocolates, sparkling cider, and an authentic message in a bottle. When she reads the message from the side of the boat, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee and profess your love!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are you looking for something a little more rustic? The Texas countryside is beautiful, and a private hot air balloon ride will give you a romantic place to take in the views while creating a magical proposal she’ll never forget.

Hot air balloon rides are beautiful at sunrise, and the golden glow in the sky will set the mood for your proposal. Once she says “yes,” we’ll have champagne and gourmet hors d’oeuvres waiting so you can celebrate the excitement of the moment!

Helicopter Ride

For the adventurous couple who’s always looking for a thrill, a private helicopter ride makes for an exciting proposal that sets the stage for the rest of your life! Soar above the Dallas skyline and take in the views of Dallas Love Field, Highland Park, and White Rock Lake.

After you pop the question in mid-air, we’ll be waiting on the ground with a bouquet of roses to congratulate you on your engagement and help you build on the romance throughout the day.

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, Dallas is the ideal city for outdoor park proposals and wine and chocolate proposals! To start planning the proposal of your dreams, contact Proposal-Ideas.com to see everything Dallas has to offer.

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Chicago Proposal Ideas

Are you looking to propose in the Windy City? Chicago is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city full of life and towering skyscrapers. Whether you want an adventurous helicopter ride or a more intimate dinner for two, you can plan the romantic marriage proposal of your dreams in Chicago.

Take a look at the following Chicago proposal ideas to see which sounds most like you. Once you’re ready, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you start planning!

Thrill Seekers: Private Helicopter Ride

If you’re an adventurous couple looking for the next rush, try proposing on a private helicopter ride. The two of you will soar above the skyscrapers and take in Chicago from the sky! As you fly over Lake Michigan or the Magnificent Mile, pop the question as you enjoy the breathtaking views and a new perspective.

When you plan your proposal with Proposal-Ideas.com, we’ll also help you add romantic touches–including a bouquet of colorful roses or glasses of bubbly champagne.

The Romantics: Elegant Rooftop

Nothing says elegance and sophistication like a Chicago rooftop. With twinkling lights and swoon-worthy views of the city skyline, a rooftop proposal sets the stage for uninterrupted romance.

As you plan your romantic marriage proposal high above the bustling streets of Chicago, you’ll get private use of the rooftop, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of champagne to pop the moment she says “yes!” To amp up the romance, we can help you add rose petals, picture frames, a live musician, or a professional videographer.

Nature Enthusiasts: Outdoor Park

Do you and your partner love the outdoors? If you’re looking for an enchanting setting to pop the question, try planning an outdoor park proposal in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, Millennium Park or Grant Park. With scenic views and lush greenery, these parks are intimate and serene.

We’ll capture the magic of the moment by arranging rose petals and a cozy blanket at your proposal spot, and we’ll work with a professional photographer to discretely capture photos of your proposal!  

Foodies: Romantic Dinner

If you want to enjoy some of the best food in Chicago, you can’t go wrong with the timeless appeal of a romantic dinner proposal. You’ll dine in style with a glamorous, three-course meal made with local ingredients. You’ll also have the perfect ambiance for your proposal–the two of you will sit at a beautiful table filled with rose petals, chocolate-covered strawberries, and sparkling wine.

Looking for something a bit more creative? Proposal-Ideas.com can help you build your own Chicago proposal, so it’s as unique and memorable as your love story. Contact us today to begin planning the proposal of your dreams in the breathtaking city of Chicago.

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Atlanta Proposal Ideas

Atlanta is a vibrant, bustling city with plenty of southern charm. Whether you’re a local or traveling from afar, Atlanta is eclectic, sophisticated and full of life.

With scenic spots, including lush gardens and gorgeous rooftop with views of the skyline, Atlanta is a romantic city to plan the proposal of your dreams. If you’re looking for Atlanta proposal ideas, take a look at some of our favorite packages.

Outdoor Park

Want to find a serene place to pop the question? Atlanta is known for several enchanting parks full of flowers and green space. Centennial Olympic Park is famous for holding the 1996 Olympic games. With a weekly music series, the world’s largest interactive fountain, and an audio walking tour, it has become a popular tourist destination. For something a little more peaceful, you can also propose at Grant Park or Atlanta’s Botanical Garden.

With a Proposal-Ideas.com package, we’ll take care of the romantic details–such as sprinkling rose petals on your blanket and coordinating a professional photographer to discreetly take pictures as she says “yes!” For an intimate proposal she won’t forget, check out some of Atlanta’s best outdoor parks.

Rooftop Proposal

Atlanta is known for its breathtaking skyline–and it’s the perfect backdrop for a memorable proposal! Take in the sights together with a dreamy Atlanta rooftop proposal.

You’ll enjoy intimate, uninterrupted views of the city and swoon-worthy details like glasses of champagne, flowers, and romantic music. To capture the beauty of Atlanta, and your love, a rooftop proposal won’t disappoint.

Limo Proposal

Want to create a glamorous proposal that’s full of romance and elegance? An Atlanta limousine ride is a romantic way to tour this beautiful southern city without forgoing intimacy. You have the freedom to choose your start location, your proposal destination, and your end location.

Want to propose on the rooftop of your favorite restaurant and end the night with some live music? Or would you rather propose at a peaceful spot by the lake and end the night by watching the sunset together? No matter how you want to propose, an Atlanta limousine proposal offers endless options to personalize your engagement. And after you pop the question, the two of you can enjoy a champagne toast and a bouquet of roses to celebrate!

Create Your Own

If you want to make sure your proposal is truly personalized, Atlanta is full of hidden gems and authentic places that are ideal for a create-your-own proposal. Contact Proposal-Ideas.com today to find the perfect proposal package and begin your love story!

It’s also a great idea to look into compact engagement ring boxes, so your ring stays hidden and the surprise stays in tact. Ring Stash has a great option!

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Boston Proposal Ideas

With freshly caught seafood from the relaxing harbors and historic, old-world charm, Boston is the place to be for tourists and locals alike! When it comes to Boston proposal ideas, this city offers the perfect combination of casual charm and fairytale romance.

As you plan a unique proposal that will take her breath away, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you take care of the details. Start with some of our favorite Boston proposal ideas!

Gondola Marriage Proposal

Do you love the water? A romantic gondola ride is a great proposal idea for the summer, especially with Boston’s relaxing waters. The two of you can enjoy cheese, chocolate, and wine, and express your love when the sun sets! With our unique proposal package, you can even write a message in a bottle, which is the perfect beginning to your proposal.

Carriage Ride

If you’re looking to see the sights and plan an elegant marriage proposal, a Boston carriage ride might be the perfect way for you to pop the question. You can visit historic places on the Freedom Trail and enjoy beautiful scenery in the well-known Public Garden as you ask her to spend her life with you.

Outdoor Park

Do rose petals, lush gardens, and an enchanting outdoor setting catch your attention? Boston Commons is a breathtaking proposal spot in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for a serene outdoor location and an intimate vibe, we’ll help you create a romantic backdrop that’s perfect for popping the question!

Helicopter Ride

When you’re in Boston, you can’t deny the views. The best way to see the city–and take your romance to new heights–is through a private helicopter ride! This is one of our favorite Boston proposal ideas. With our proposal package, you’ll be able to take in the city’s historical landmarks and breathtaking views–it will be enough to make her swoon!

No matter what you have in mind, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you plan the proposal of your dreams in a city like no other. We can also help you plan a build-your-own Boston proposal package, so it can be personalized and tailored to you. We’re here to help you celebrate your one-of-a-kind love–contact us today!

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5 Engagement Traditions That Never Go Out of Style

If you’re looking for creative proposal ideas and out-of-the-box ways to express your love, Proposal-Ideas.com can help you pop the question in a way that’s unique to your relationship. But no matter how creative you get, there are a few engagement traditions that never go out of style. Make sure your marriage proposal combines timeless romance with new and improved traditions.

When you get down on one knee, don’t overlook these traditions:

1. Asking for her family’s blessing.

Unless the two of you have seriously discussed the idea of excluding her family from your engagement, it’s always helpful to include them. Not only will you share your marriage with the people who know her best, but she’ll most likely find it romantic that you respect her family enough to ask for their blessing.

No matter how you choose to broach the subject, make sure her family knows about your intentions before popping the question. You never know — they may be able to offer some words of wisdom or help you keep the surprise!

2. Getting down on one knee.

For adventurous couples, it may seem easier to propose in the middle of the action–whether you’re skydiving, snorkeling, or standing under a waterfall. While proposals can happen in any situation or location, it’s never impossible to find a place to get down on one knee. This symbol of devotion and affection is what many women dream of when they imagine their engagement–so think through your proposal, and make sure you plan for a place to get down on one knee.

3. Having the ring before you propose.

When it comes to marriage proposals, there are no I-owe-you’s. Unless you promised her you would pick the ring out together, she’ll be expecting a ring to accompany your proposal. I think most women would agree that it’s better to wait until you have the ring versus proposing without it.

4. Phrasing the proposal as a question.

Nobody wants a demanding groom. It may seem bold to say “Marry me,” but there’s something romantic about giving her the option to respond. By asking “Will you marry me?” or “Will you spend your life with me?” you share the power and give her the opportunity to join you in one of the most important decisions of your life.

5. Adding plenty of romance.

No matter how casual or nontraditional your proposal, your partner wants to feel special the moment you ask her to spend her life with you. Adding shock value or fear to your proposal can suck the romance right out of it, so make sure you consider intimacy. Roses and champagne may be too much for some women, but a candlelit dinner with her favorite song playing in the background, for example, is a simple way to show her you treasure her.

As you plan the marriage proposal of your dreams, don’t forget the traditions that drive the romance. Proposal-Ideas.com is here to help you find the most romantic way to propose–contact us today!

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5 Ways to Make Your Proposal as Romantic as Possible

We all love creative, out-of-the-box proposal ideas, but there’s something to be said about a marriage proposal that’s full of timeless romance. Asking for her hand in marriage is one of the most emotional questions you’ll ever ask–and adding some extra romance to your proposal is a great way to convey the love you both share.

Proposal-ideas.com can help you amp up the romance, no matter where you are in the United States. Take a look at five of our favorite swoon-worthy proposal ideas:

Sail at sunset

A traditional boat ride is an exciting way to pop the question, but what about at sunset? There’s no denying the glow of the sun as it sets against the water, adding a romantic ambiance to an already breathtaking scene. Whether you’re in Miami or another city with water, we can help you plan a romantic champagne yacht cruise for your proposal.

Private helicopter ride

Take your love to new heights with a private helicopter ride! The romantic butterflies you’ll both feel as you view your city from a bird’s eye view will make your proposal that much more special.

Carriage ride

Historic cities like Boston are often romantic backdrops for a memorable proposal. If you want to give her a fairytale evening she’ll never forget, what about a carriage ride? You’ll have an intimate space to express your emotions while enjoying the beautiful views of the city you love.

Rooftop and flowers

When you start with one of our rooftop proposal packages, we’ll help you create a beautiful space to pop the question. Not only will you both enjoy the view, but you’ll also have flexibility to build on the momentum of the proposal–such as filling your hotel room with roses or hiring a private musician to serenade you with your favorite song.  

Wine and chocolate

What pairs better than wine and chocolate? You two! We can help you plan a romantic–and delicious–wine and chocolate proposal where you’ll visit some of the best wineries and chocolate shops in the city before popping the question at the last stop.

Are you ready to plan your romantic marriage proposal? View the packages available at Proposal-ideas.com and contact us to begin the planning process.

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How NOT to Announce Your Engagement

Congratulations! If you’re basking in the magical post-engagement glow, you’re probably brainstorming fun ways to announce your proposal to family and friends. This is one of the most special times in your life, and you deserve to celebrate!

When it comes to announcing, remember that your loved ones will be excited for you–but they also have other priorities begging for their attention. To make the most of your marriage proposal announcement, avoid some of these common pitfalls.

At someone else’s engagement party or wedding

If you’ve been invited to a friend’s engagement party or you’re attending your cousin’s wedding, the attention will be on them. While the romance and excitement can make you antsy to announce your own engagement, try to be patient and wait for your own moment.

After someone’s bad news

If a friend is lamenting over a recent breakup, or you’re consoling a neighbor who just lost a family member, it’s best to keep the good news to yourself until the timing is better. Not only do you want them to fully appreciate your engagement, but you don’t want to seem inconsiderate to their emotions.

Before it’s official

If you and your partner have discussed marriage and you’ve started looking at rings together, this is exciting news that’s perfect for sharing with your best friend. But in terms of a public announcement, it’s always best to wait until the engagement is official. You don’t want to ruin your partner’s surprise or confuse anyone who asks for details about the proposal.

During an important company meeting

Are you and your coworkers discussing an important company initiative with your boss? While your engagement may be at the forefront of your mind, wait until your coworkers are relaxed during a lunch break. You won’t have to worry about appearing unproductive and you’ll have more time to share the juicy details.

By commenting on someone else’s engagement post

Getting engaged isn’t a contest and nobody likes bragging. If your friend just posted her engagement to social media, resist chiming in with your own good news. Save it for your own profile where the attention can be 100% on you!

Without the ring

At the end of the day, almost everyone is going to ask to see your ring when you announce your engagement. If you’ve sent it back to the jewelers to be re-sized or you’re waiting to take the perfect ring selfie, hold off on announcing until you can show off your ring, too. If the two of you have chosen a nontraditional proposal with something other than a diamond, your announcement is also the perfect time to explain the significance behind your choice.

In a lot of these cases, a friend or family member might notice the sparkling addition to your left hand and ask you about it — if this happens, you have free reign to share the news! Just be considerate and pay attention to your surroundings.

Ready to get engaged? Proposal-ideas.com can help you plan a romantic proposal you can’t wait to share with friends and family!

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What To Look For When Buying A Proposal Package

Nowadays it seems that everyone is offering marriage proposal packages.  But I caution you to be very careful when selecting the company to handle your once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal.  A lot of companies see proposals as an extra add on and a way to make more money.  But handling the execution of a marriage proposal is something that requires experience and passion.  Here are things you should look for when deciding where to buy your marriage proposal package:

Event Planning Experience

If you take nothing else from this entire article, please hear this.  Do not buy a proposal package from anyone that does not have ACTUAL event planning experience.  That means no photographers gone “proposal planners”, no venues offering their coordination if you buy their space, etc.  When something hits the fan with your event, if you have an event planner on your team, they know how to handle anything that comes their way and better yet, they will have already thought through those “could happens” before the event.  Experience can only come with years and events under their belt.  Do your research!

Past Work

You will want to do your research and see examples of their past work.  Check out their blog, Facebook, Instagram, gallery, etc.


Reach out to them!  When you reach out, how long does it take for them to respond?  Do they seem professional?  Do you feel you can trust them?  These are things that will be critical since you will be trusting that person with the most important event in your relationship.

If you are looking for the best way to propose marriage, you have come to the right place. Proposal-Ideas, founded by one of the first Proposal Planners in the world, has the best proposal packages around and we have the most experience as we started creating packages in 2011!  Contact us today to get started.

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Private Proposal Vs. Public Proposal: Which Is Best?

When it comes to planning the marriage proposal of your dreams, one of the most important factors to consider is whether you should pop the question in a public or private setting.

If you and your partner enjoy being the center of attention, a public proposal might add some excitement to your day. If the two of you dislike being in the limelight, you can still plan a proposal that’s full of romance but a bit more intimate than a grand public gesture.

As you decide whether a public or private proposal is right for you, start with some of these ideas for inspiration.

Public Proposal

Looking for a creative way to pop the question in public? Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Outdoor park– If you live in a city but want a serene location for your proposal, parks are a romantic option for public proposals. We’ll set up a charming picnic for two, including snacks, champagne, photos of you, and any other touches that will make your proposal as special as possible. 
  • Billboard– Want to propose in Times Square or the heart of another city? You can create a personalized proposal message, including a photo, and we’ll make sure it’s plastered across two billboards right when you’re about to pop the question! If you want to draw attention, this is a great option. 
  • Carriage ride–If you’re visiting a city and want to find a way to explore and propose, our carriage ride package is the best of both worlds. See the sights together, and when the moment is right, you’ll have an intimate setting to propose. There may still be bystanders watching you, but this option gives you a little more privacy. 

Private Proposal

If you’re ready to propose, but want to find a way to express your feelings in an intimate setting, try some of these private proposal ideas:

  • Helicopter ride– Soar above the city you call home in a helicopter! You’ll experience a new perspective together, and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of people watching you. Once you land and prepare to celebrate your engagement, we’ll even have a dozen roses waiting for you!
  • Limo and fine dining–Looking for something a bit more glamorous and exclusive? Consider proposing during a limo ride to a place of your choice. Whether you want to go to a private table at your favorite restaurant or the rooftop at your favorite bar, the limo adds some elegance and classic romance to your proposal.  
  • Rooftop–A rooftop can be an intimate place to propose, whether you want to propose at sunrise, mid-day or under the stars. Enjoy views of the city skyline and a private rooftop all to yourself. We’ll help make the moment even more magical with champagne and roses–all you have to focus on is your love!

Have you decided the type of proposal that matches both of your personalities? Proposal-ideas.com can help you get started! Contact us today.

And if you’re looking for a safe way to keep your engagement ring hidden, check out these skinny engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash!

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Your Engagement Ring Guide

You wouldn’t be searching for proposal ideas if you weren’t planning on popping the question!  And you can’t pop the question without an engagement ring right?  But buying an engagement ring can be so stressful.  How much do you spend, does she want platinum or gold, what size ring does she wear?  Those are all questions you will ask yourself when you are on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring.  Another question you will ask yourself is what cut does she want for her diamond?  To try to make things easier for you, we have put together a guide on the different diamond cuts you will encounter.


A round cut diamond is the most popular cut and depicted in the photo above.  It is a great choice for the traditional and classic type.

Cushion Cut

This cut will be popular for many decades to come and it is a blend of trendy and traditional.  This cut features rounded corners and has larger facets to increase its brilliance.


This is the most popular non-round cut because of its unique cut and pointed corners.


This cut is is not very common which can be a good and bad thing.  If your partner wants something not everyone has it could be perfect.  But it is also something that your partner has to want.  Because of this shape, it highlights the clarity of a diamond.  Check out the Asscher cut for something similar.


The advantage to a marquise cut diamond is that it can maximize carat weight and give you a much larger-looking diamond. This could be the way to go if you are on a budget and want to get more bang for your buck.


An oval diamond is similar to a round diamond. Oval diamonds are very popular as their length can accentuate long, slender fingers.  This cut is a big trend right now so it is perfect for that trendsetting girlfriend of yours.


This brilliant-cut diamond is also called a teardrop for its single point and rounded end.  I see this with a lot of ladies who love vintage.


A radiant-cut diamond is a popular and versatile choice for jewelry.  A radiant-cut looks great with either a baguette or round side-diamond setting.

Ring Box

We recently partnered with the amazing slim engagement ring box creator Ring Stash so don’t forget to pair your awesome engagement ring with an equally awesome ring box.

If you are looking for the best way to propose marriage, you have come to the right place. Proposal-Ideas has the best proposal packages around and we have the most experience as we started creating packages in 2011!  Contact us today to get started.



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