Should You Include Family in the Proposal?

Including your family and friends in a marriage proposal is becoming a popular trend. While a proposal is a very intimate moment between two people, having family present is a nice way to celebrate after you pop the question.

Can’t decide what to do? We’ve made a list of pro’s and cons to help you decide if you should include family when planning your marriage proposal.


Including family is a great way to make the proposal one she’ll never forget. A marriage proposal that includes her close family is sure to be special to her heart. You will have created this amazing memory for her that includes some of her favorite people.

Another pro if you decide to include her family in the proposal, is that you’ll get help planning from the people who know her best! They can help you brainstorm ideas and create a proposal that she’s sure to love.


Let’s face it; family members can have a hard time keeping a secret! The more family and friends you invite, the more likely it is to ruin the surprise.

Also some family members may bring negative energy. It’s important to make sure all family members invited are happy for you. You don’t want a sour cousin ruining your special day.

If you do chose to invite family to your proposal, choose members that you know will keep a secret and work with you to make it a special day. Choose the closest family members that you know you can trust!

Also make sure your loved one is comfortable being proposed to in front of others. Some people prefer a more private, intimate proposal that involves just the two of you.

If you need help planning a proposal with family, contact Proposal-Ideas today and we’ll help you create your dream proposal!

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